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ARTi Biochar Compost – 27 cubic feet


Quality compost with 10% biochar produced from woody material. Biochar is charcoal rich material for soil quality enhancement derived from biomass. In addition to all these benefits, our formulation is one of our best tools on the fight against climate change as it sequesters 2 times its own weight of carbon e.g. 1 ton of Biochar sequesters up to 2 tons of CO2 

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How can biochar help my plants?

  • It sequesters carbon in a stable form in the ground.
  • Nutrient holding capacity and releasing steadily to plants.
  • Promotes the growth of many different types of microbes.
  • Increases the amount of organic matter in soil. 
  • Reduce soil acidity (acts as a liming agent).
  • Hold water longer than soil because it acts like a sponge.
  • Increase the water infiltration, aeration and retention.
  • Improve root structure and growth.

How to use ARTi Compost Biochar?

  1. Mix up to 50% ARTi Biochar with compost.
  2. If possible, compost the mixture for 2 weeks and keep it moist, but not wet.
  3. Add 20% of the mixture of the pot under the plant, then put the potted plant on top.
  4. Plant your plants and water as usual.
  5. Make a healthier soil, retain more nutrients and water in your soil and see the benefits of growing with ARTi Biochar! 


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