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Hi! We are ARTi!

Advanced Renewable Technology International

Since 2013, our work at ARTi has been dedicated to implementing innovative, sustainable and renewable solutions. We manufacture and develop top-of-the line pyrolysis reactors for the production of biochar, activated carbon, and “green” carbon black.

Our company started in 2013 with Juan Proano, Edson Vendrusculo, Matthew Kieffer, and Bernardo del Campo. Comprised of a group of mechanical engineering students and electrical engineering PhDs, they joined forces and began playing around, developing solutions to help farmers.

Initially, we collected used vegetable oil and processed it into biodiesel. From there, we began working with more than 20 individuals from many different backgrounds and ethnicities. Our diverse group of mechanical, agricultural, and electrical engineers, as well as physicists, agronomists, and lifelong farmers, became passionate about making a variety of products from a bio-renewable resource, biochar.

ARTi looks to continue expanding its business and we are searching for new ways to utilize biochar. Come check out the wide variety of biochar we offer in our store page, as well as the innovative products we offer available to purchase in our ebay page. Our work at ARTi continues to discover new biotechnological innovations for a greener, more sustainable future. 

“We have learned so much through all these years. We have been researching, learning, increasing energy efficiencies, and commercializing more ways to sequester carbon. We have developed completely new energy and product platforms, and are helping partners implement new technologies. It is truly amazing what ARTi has put together, and we are excited to help others make an impact.”
Bernardo del Campo

If you are interested in Biochar, our products, or have ideas for new Biochar products, please reach out to us!

We would love to hear from you.

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