Biochar Processing Units


With more than 10 years of studying the Pyrolysis process, our team of engineers will develop the perfect long-term key solution to your needs.

Our biochar reactors are containerized,  modular, and transportable systems that can house up to five pyrolysis trains per container. We manufacture and implement biochar systems which include reactors, dryers, handling that we modify to fit the client’s needs.

Feedstock Agnostic

Versatile and Efficient Technology

Our units are designed to process various feedstocks efficiently and can operate continously with very low electricity and propane consumption adjusting to your specific operation. It only requires about 1 hour of propane ignition until the temperature is stabilized, and then it self-sustains with the energy it produces. You can also use it for short periods, so it adapts to your biomass stock.

Simplicity in Scale

Easy Installation for Growth

Our BPUs are modular and scalable, as the same 40 ft container can assemble from 1 up to five pyrolysis trains.

Since the systems are housed and protects them from the environment, minimal facilities are required for the installation: a leveled cement base, access to water, electricity, propane, and internet for remote control of the BPU. ARTi also offers a mobile solution, as our technology is easily adaptable to be mounted on a trailer, allowing for the decentralization of biomass.

Tailored for YOUR Project

Customization at Its Best

All our models are customizable to fit the specific biomass and project requirements, from the handling and flow of the biomass to on-site integrations, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to each client’s needs.

Personalized Support

Easy step of the way

At ARTi, we prioritize support for our clients. With online monitoring of our BPUs, remote assitance, and expert advice, we’re dedicated to ensuring your carbon project succeeds. From guidance on carbon credit certification, emissions testing, and air permits to marketing, sale, and biochar certification. We’re committed to building long-term relationships with our clients.

Join ARTi’s community and be part of a cool solution to cool the planet.

Identify the scale that fits your project
Our most popular models
1 train
3 trains
5 trains
With the capacity to process up to to 8 tons of biomass per day. It's an integrated solution adaptable to your operation, whether it is an 8-hour or a 24 hr workday. An ideal solution for turning waste into opportunities: generating Biochar, heat for multiple uses and carbon credits while reducing our company’s carbon footprint!

Daily Capacity:

4 - 8
tons of Biomass

1 - 2
tons of Biochar

2 - 4
tons of CO2eq