Biochar benefits

Improves Soil Health & Productivity

ARTi Biochar acts as a sponge that can retain water, absorb nutrients, house and protect microorganisms, increase soil fertility and boost root development and crop yield.

Water Retention
Water Retention
Nutrient Absorption
Good Microbes
Soil Fertility
Soil Fertility
Plant Growth
Plant Growth
Carbon Dioxide

Transforming a problem into a solution

From Waste
to High Value products

Biochar is a charcoal-like material made from sustainably produced biomass from agricultural and forestry residues (e.g. corn stalks, hulls, wood chips, manure, etc.).

It is produced at high temperatures, ranging from 350°C to 800°C with little to no oxygen. This process is called pyrolysis or carbonization. When biomass undergoes pyrolysis, the carbon is rearranged in a stable form with unique properties and applications, and soil enhancement being one of them.

A microscopic view

The key is
in its structure

ARTi Biochar is a very stable form of carbon with a highly porous structure. Its internal surface is over 100 square meters per gram of biochar. This internal area enhances the nutrient holding-capacity by as much as 20 times that healthy soil and doubles water-retention as it adsorbs moisture and releases it back into the soil when water availability is depressed.

ARTi’s honeycomb structure provides the perfect housing for beneficial microbes which defends roots and fights off pests

Long term benefits to your soil

Best Natural
Soil Amendment

ARTi Biochar is responsibly made with organic residues. 100% Pure and safe for organic & conventional farming.
It improves physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil increasing its health! Biochar acts like a sponge, retaining water and nutrients, and releasing them slowly in the soil.

It´s porous structure gives good microbes a cozy home, promoting an active community, making it more resilient and bringing life to soil, providing plants with better conditions to grow!

Improve your plants by improving your soil.

A perfect tool to slow climate change

Carbon Dioxide

Biochar production is a carbon-negative process. This means that it reduces CO2 amounts from the atmosphere for long terms.

Plants and trees naturally absorb CO2 with the photosynthesis. But when they die, they release it back again to the atmosphere.
During the pyrolysis process, the biomass is converted into biochar, prevents it from decomposing and creating this new very stable form of carbon that has great benefits in the soil.

This way we transform Atmospheric Carbon into Organic Carbon. A Solution both to planet and soils!

ARTi Biochar

Power up your soil

the soil do more
with less

+ Water
+ Nutrients

Its internal area enhances nutrient and water holding-capacity, improving the soil and providing better conditions for plants to grow.

+ Microbes
+ Fertility

Biochar provides the perfect housing for beneficial microbes which defends roots and fights off pests, triggering in healthier soils and plants.