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ARTi's Consultation

ARTi's Engineering Consultation

What kind of consultancy services does ARTi Team provide?

As ARTi, our interest is to develop your projects in line with the highest possible standards in the industry. That is why we offer you a consulting service composed of industry leaders. The areas we offer consultancy services in are: engineering, research and development, agronomy, and economics. Each area of ARTi’s consultancy services addresses numerous topics that we have successfully worked on in the past. We can put the best team possible together to help you. Some options can be seen at the following (Link). 

ARTi also provides general consultation services to clients to answer questions related to equipment, pyrolysis systems and biochar products. If you are interested, let us know your time availability and we can set up a meeting with ARTi’s team members and address any concern you have regarding your project. Our consultancy fees start at $50 per hour and the minimum is 1 hour of the service.

What kind of Engineering consultancy services does ARTi Team provide?

ARTi’s engineering team focuses on the development of custom pyrolysis systems based on customer needs. This consultancy focuses on the CAD design, manufacturing and automation of reactor equipment. Here is some of the work we have done:


  • Overview Reactor Container CAD Design  (Link)
  • Overview of ARTi Milling System CAD design (Link) video of prototype (Link)


Also the engineers work together within the economic area to maximize the reactor operation. ARTi has seen a relationship between automation & operational expenses (OPEX) and capital expenses (CAPEX). This aspect is important to analyze because it would affect CAPEX and have a direct impact on labour intensity. In summary, this means that you will have a reduction in OPEX and will be able to increase your profit margin. Contact us for more information. 

What kind of Research and Development does ARTi Team provide?

One of ARTi’s primary interests is in developing sustainable projects and with higher efficiency of feedstock processing in terms of reactor operation. That is why we offer extensive research and development for your feedstocks. ARTi’s consultancy focuses on the analysis of the biomass and biochar properties that will help you gain important information to aid in developing the product you would like to test. We offer you a comprehensive amount of options regarding laboratory analysis such as:

  • Liquid or gas Filtration Performance test (link)
  • Nutrient contents (link) and germination test (link
  • Biomass Analysis, Proximate, Elemental, Energy (link)
  • Energy efficiency: ARTi basics mass and energy balance presentation (link)
  • Thermal Analysis Flare video (link), Analysis Cooling Section video (link)
  • Biochar Proximate Analysis (link)
  • Biochar Wood chip (link)
  • Biomass Analysis, Proximate, Elemental, Energy (link)

Do not forget to contact us for more information.  

What type of Agronomy services does ARTi Team provide?

ARTi performs agronomy analysis that is focused on: carbon black, soil improvement and analysis, uses in soil, filtration, absorption, plastics and polymers. We also work in the development of bio-oil and wood vinegar collection as well as compost formula. Here is a short list of the laboratory analysis we offer:

  • Liquid or gas Filtration Performance test (link)
  • Nutrient contents (link) and germination test (link
  • Biomass Analysis, Proximate, Elemental, Energy (link)
  • Scott hemp farmer, soil improvement and comparison before and after biochar and compost (link)
  • Video explaining the tables with Carbon and nutrient addition BJ Brian DDG biochar (link)
  • Video showing mixture of materials Biochar and fertilizer for potting soil BJ & Brian DDG BC (link)

Please contact us for more information. 

What kind of Economic consultancy does ARTi Team provide?

ARTi performs Techno-economic Analysis (TEA) for ARTi reactors and turnkey systems according to the location of your project. This consultancy focuses on analyzing the many opportunities and different sources of revenue for ARTi systems in your local market and assessing the feasibility of the project. 

We offer two main types of economic analysis. The first one consists of a single scenario analysis and a second one, which we recommend, involves a comprehensive economic analysis of multiple scenarios. All scenarios are personalized and involve the examination of multiple variables and further studies to assess the profitability of your project. As an illustration, we can consider a different number of trains used in the pyrolysis system or the variables that arise specifically in the studied project that may be of concern and impact the outcome. We also perform risk simulations to understand the project’s outcome from a dynamic point of view, and assess our client on the best pathway to follow.

Single Scenario Analysis

The Single Scenario Analysis considers several variables besides fixed capital investment. As an illustration, the type and quantity of biomass that is going to be used as feedstock in the reactor, costs of biomass and the diverse utilities and fixed costs such as electricity, local labour and biomass transportation. These factors are evaluated to assess and consider their effects on production output.  We explore the multiple sources of revenue that your project can obtain, for example,t biochar and carbon credits sales. Based on these, we construct a model which shows the operational expenditure (OPEX) and capital expenditure (CAPEX) for the whole project lifetime, and measure its economic performance This will help you to analyze the opportunities that ARTi’s systems have in your local market. Here is some of the work we have done:

  • Simple Economic Analysis Overview video (Link)  

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.  

Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Carbon Sequestration Accounting (CSA)

ARTi’s Economic & LCA team has developed a CSA model and appropriate LCAs. We provide a general idea of the LCA that is of interest to your work. For this analysis it is important to understand as much as possible about the processing conditions on your side. Within hours we are capable of presenting  you a number of general figures to evaluate. The CSA is an important analysis that works hand in hand with LCA as it focuses on an overall view of the carbon sequestration potentiality based on the feedstocks, production and carbon stock of the biomass that are under consideration. Please contact us for more information.