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Our Biochar products are NOT intended to be used for combustion purposes.
The biochar will be used mainly for the development of organic compost, agriculture, farming and landscaping for the benefit of agricultural soil health of the product.

ARTi biochar is a very stable form of carbon with a highly porous structure. Its internal surface area enhances the nutrient holding-capacity by as much as 20 times that of healthy soil. It also doubles water retention as it absorbs moisture and releases it back into the soil when water availability is less via the pyrolysis process. ARTi´s honeycomb structure provides the perfect housing for beneficial microbes which defends roots and fights off pests. In addition to its incredible soil benefits, ARTi biochar helps reduce carbon in the atmosphere. Biomass, which takes in CO2 from the atmosphere, is transformed via the sustainable process of pyrolysis and locks the carbon into a stable structure that can be stored in the soil for hundreds of years. The biochar for sale comes in many forms, including solid, liquid, and compost varieties. Each biochar for sale has its own applications, therefore there will be one that will match your needs (read more about our forms of biochar in the blog page). Come purchase today!


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