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ARTi Micronized Biochar Premium Plus is a formulation of microscopic biochar particles and added concentrated chemical fertilizer for a ready and easy to use application for lawns, vegetables, compost piles and gardens. ARTi Micronized Biochar Premium Plus is boosted with a proprietary chemical fertilizer to provide additional essential elements for a nourishing and balanced plant food. In addition to all these benefits, our formulation is one of our best tools on the fight against climate change as it sequesters 2 times its own weight of carbon e.g. 1 ton of Biochar sequesters up to 2 tons of CO2!

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What is Micronized Biochar useful for? 

  • Add recalcitrant (highly stable) carbon, and sequester carbon dioxide in a long-lasting form in the ground.
  • Most importantly, by using Micronized biochar you are applying carbon holding nutrients, which makes them available for plants for longer periods of time thereby reducing the amount of nutrient loss and the amount of fertilizers required. 
  • Infiltrates (percolates) in soils improving 4 inches down without tilling due to the particle’s microscopic size. 
  • Improves soil health, soil microbial life, and biodiversity.
  • Adds Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that plants love
  • Stabilizes nutrients and makes them readily available for plants. 
  • Eliminates compost, organic fertilizer, and soil odors. 
  • Reduces compaction of heavy clay soils. 
  • Improves tilth and reduces soil bulk density.
  • Increases soil water holding capacity.
  • Reduces soil acidity (acts as a liming agent).
  • Becomes more stable by forming aggregates with clay minerals.
  • Helps plants resist diseases and pathogens.

How to use ARTi Micronized Biochar?

There are two ways to apply ARTi Micronized Biochar Premium Plus:

  • Apply in a Micronized solution (adding water). 
  • Apply as is (dry with the brush spreader and then hosing down so it goes into the soil)*.

It’s recommended to water after doing the application to infiltrate in the soil. 

* Make sure you are using the correct spreader and it is not windy so as to not add particles to the air.

Standard application is as follows:

  • For 1 part of biochar, add 10 parts of water.
    • Lawn: 1 gallon of mixture every 500 sq. ft. (after application, add water to infiltrate Micronized Biochar Premium Plus into the soil profile).
    • Flowers and plants: 1 gallon of mixture direct application for 20 large potted plants or 100 small potted plants.
  • Compost: 1 gallon of Micronized Biochar Premium Plus every 4 cu. Yards.

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