ARTi Biochar Animal Bedding


ARTi’s Organic Biochar Animal Bedding is a quality bedding choice for the comfort and wellbeing of horses, donkeys, cows, goats, pigs, sheep, chickens, bunnies, dogs, and other pets and livestock. It is made from pyrolyzed biomass and contains no fine particles. By using ARTi’s Organic Animal Bedding you are also helping the environment. Our formulation is one of our best tools on the fight against climate change. It sequesters 2 times its own weight of carbon e.g. 1 lb of Biochar sequesters up to 2 lbs of CO2

Each burlap bag contains 20 gallons of dry bedding that can either be used pure or in blends. For blends, use at least 1 gallon per sq yard. 


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Why Use ARTi’s Organic Biochar Biochar? 

  • Doesn’t break down. It sequesters carbon dioxide for many decades, reducing emissions (every pound of biochar sequesters 2 pounds of CO2)
  • Improves animal well-being by removing ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and odors from the feces
  • Absorbs the moisture without the wetness that produces discomfort, and other problems associated with wet bedding
  • Reduces pathogens from the bedding
  • Reduces the stress levels of animals promoting livestock weight gain
  • It is a great soil amendment as it retains nitrogen, sulfur, organics, and water in the carbon. 
  • Non-toxic
  • Made from renewable biomass such as wood chips and shavings. 

Why Use ARTi Animal Bedding?

  • Other organic beddings such as sawdust can contain pathogens, and non-organic beddings such as sand can be difficult to handle.
  • Biochar bedding solves both problems by being easy to handle and pathogen-free.
  • Additionally, the biochar makes a great soil amendment after being used as bedding, as it holds nutrients in the carbon for slow release to plants.

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