Looking Back at ARTi Attendance at USBI Sponsored Conferences Through the Years: 2012-2022

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Looking Back at ARTi Attendance at USBI Sponsored Conferences Through the Years: 2012-2022


Colorado, 2019

As we got ready to head off to this year’s conference in West Virginia we thought we would take a moment to have a look back at conferences from previous years. It is always important, especially in environmental technology areas such as ours being biochar, to attend such conferences. We can show who we are and what we are doing and we can look at the competition as well as look into possible business partnerships. Lastly and very crucially, it is always great to see and hear about developments in the biochar sector as a whole. The entire biochar sector has gone through big changes over the last few years and we are a big part of this development. Biochar is for farming, biochar is a soil amendment, biochar is for plants and organic compost. Every conference we attend points towards more applications for biochar. 

2019, Fort Collins, CO at Colorado State University. 

More than 80 experts presented at the event, which was organized by the US Biochar Initiative (USBI) and covered major topics in the biochar industry, such as production and commercial application, environmental remediation, soils and agriculture, and the bioeconomy and climate change.

ARTi members Dan Wilson and CEO Berni del Campo in Fort Collins, Co in 2019


2018, USBI Biochar in Wilmington, DE

The theme that year was “The Carbon Link in Watershed Ecosystem Services”. That year ARTi presented: Overcoming engineering challenges for the development of industrial-scale pyrolysis reactors”.

ARTi’s slide presentation for Delaware 2018


2012 US Biochar Conference at Sonoma State University in Sonoma County, California 

Conference was held to advance understanding of the economic, science and policy issues related to biochar as both an amendment for soils as well as an agent to sequester carbon. 

That year ARTi CEO Bernardo del Campo presented “Stability and Safe Application of Fast Pyrolysis Biochar (link to presentation slides)

ARTi Team in 2012 in California. Notice no changes since then. Still looking good today.

Bernardo del Campo’s conference session page from 2012 (Link)

Please look at our other previous blogs to see more info about some of the other conferences we have attended. 


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