What is Biochar?

ARTi biochar is a special charcoal made from biomass waste. It is produced at high temperatures with little oxygen. This process is called pyrolysis and creates biochar, a stable form of carbon that has amazing benefits for soils and stores carbon dioxide. 

Biochar’s highly porous structure helps hold water and plant nutrients in its surface, making them available when crops need them.

Also, it improves soil characteristics and gives microbes a cozy home. These microbes will live in the biochar’s porous structure, creating all sorts of beneficial relationships between the soil, plants, and microbes. Microbes in the biochar provide amazing soil benefits that increase plant health and nutrition. Whether it be local gardens or large-scale farms, ARTi biochar is sure to boost plant growth and increase your harvest sustainably.

Increases the performance of plants by improving soils physical & chemical properties!

solid and liquid arti biochar


Perfect for your garden and for the planet!

Do you know why soils are better in some places than others? It’s because some have more pyrogenic carbon, or beneficial carbon that is produced through natural fires. Biochar can provide the same benefits that pyrogenic carbon brings, as it carries large amounts of beneficial organic carbon into the soil. 

ARTi’s efficient, cutting-edge pyrolysis process is able to lock the carbon dioxide that the plants sequester through photosynthesis. When we do this process, the carbon is locked in a form so that it does not break down for hundreds of years. Biochar is able to stably store carbon into the ground and remove it from the atmosphere for hundreds of years. This creates a carbon sink, where more carbon is absorbed than released. This also helps stabilize atmospheric greenhouse gas levels.

ARTi Products

We provide an assortment of biochars that can benefit your soil, plants, and animals. Our liquid biochar is made with finely ground solid biochar particles mixed with water, valuable nutrients, and microbes (depending on the product chosen). The liquid form allows for easier soil application and includes added nutrients for even better soil and plant health.

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