Green Innovation in Action: BRI’s Bamboo Biochar Project

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Carbon credits economically support a project to reduce waste that was a previously a problem

Bamboo, particularly Bambusa vulgaris, thrives in the southwest region of Puerto Rico. While known for its rapid growth and carbon-sequestering capabilities, mismanagement of this grass can lead to environmental challenges such as river blockages, flooding, and erosion.

Recognizing the potential of bamboo as a renewable resource, BioRestorative Ideas (BRI) embarked on a mission to harness its power for good. Leveraging its remarkable renewability and carbon sequestration abilities, bamboo became the ideal feedstock for their biochar project.

In 2023 ARTi installed a 5-train reactor in the surroundings of the historic Eureka sugarcane hacienda, a cultural heritage site. Custom-built to tackle Puerto Rico’s hurricane-prone environment, the machine was mounted on a trailer to ensure its mobility. Thereby, providing flexibility and readiness to relocate the unit if needed. In this way safeguarding the project against potential natural disasters.

BRI’s project not only addresses environmental concerns but also creates valuable local employment opportunities. In a region with high unemployment rates, the project has already generated approximately 20 high-quality jobs, injecting vitality into the local economy.

Today, BRI is at the forefront of sustainable innovation, transforming bamboo residues into biochar—a valuable carbon-negative product. By sequestering carbon from the atmosphere and mitigating environmental risks associated with bamboo mismanagement, BRI’s initiative is revitalizing Puerto Rico’s natural landscapes and communities.


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