ARTi Wishes You a Happy Halloween 2022! Biochar and the Creepy Crawlies Love Your Fall Garden Soil

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ARTi Wishes You a Happy Halloween 2022! Biochar and the Creepy Crawlies Love Your Fall Garden Soil

All those spooky decaying things and the wiggly worms that live in them are all part of natural soil and help make the new plants grow. Biochar would have been decaying plant matter. Instead, as biochar it traps CO2 and aids soil structure. Soil is made up of minerals, soil organic matter, living organisms, gas, and water. Plant, animal, and microbial remains in various stages of decomposition make up soil organic matter. It’s the most important indicator of soil quality. So, they may seem like dead and decaying gloom, but it is what makes the flowers bloom! When you add biochar to the soil mixture, with compost you make a nice dark mansion for them to live in.

It’s too late for you this year but for growing your own ominous jack-o-lantern pumpkins next year try adding ARTi Biochar. 

  • Add compost and biochar together in a 3-inch-deep pot and let them mingle for two weeks. That is called “charging” the biochar.
  • Put the pumpkin seed sideways at 1 inch deep and cover.
  • Water the pot, place on a windowsill and when the roots begin to show though the bottom of the pot transfer into a 5-inch pot.
  • Plant the seedlings outside once they have grown.
  • Pumpkins grow best when spaced about 6 feet apart in a sunny place out of the wind.
  • And of course, improve the soil first before planting by digging in well-rotted manure or compost that has been mixed with ARTi Biochar for two weeks prior!
  • As long as it takes for the fruit to grow and ripen, leave it on the plant. The pumpkin is ready to be picked when the stem begins to fracture, and the skin becomes quite rough. Before the first frost, remove the fruit with a long stalk. Pumpkins can be kept for four to six months in storage.

Go ahead and plant some pumpkins with biochar and without and see which ones end up turning out to be the meanest jack-o-lantern. Please let us know how it went!

For an added Halloween gardening bonus have a look at this. Garden Collage Magazine presents the 10 Spookiest Plants in honour of Halloween. (Link

These are pretty amazing, and we’d love to see what biochar soil would do for these garden monsters.

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