ARTi presented 2014 IES Outstanding Business Award

Picture of ARTi
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Representing Advanced Renewable Technology International Inc., Juan Proano, Matthew Kieffer and Bernardo del Campo were presented the Outstanding Immigrant Business Award at the 2014 Immigrant Entrepreneurs Summit (IES) in Ankeny, Iowa, on November 8.

IES brings businesses of diverse backgrounds together to share and celebrate the immigrant entrepreneur experience and contribution to the community. The Outstanding Immigrant Business Award is given to an immigrant-owned – at least 50 percent ownership by a first generation immigrant – business that serves as a model and inspiration of success in both profit and philanthropy.

Founded by engineering grad students and alumni from Iowa State University in May 2013, ARTi has grown and expanded to include individuals from diverse academic backgrounds and nationalities. 

Its mission is to develop technologies that address the challenges imposed by an ever increasing global demand for natural resources while improving the health and quality of our environment to leave a lasting legacy for future generations – technologies such as the carbon sequestering soil amendment biochar and biodiesel.

We want to express our gratitude to family, friends, and our partners in academia and industry. Your support has encouraged us to continue growing the team with talented and eager students who will lead the way in developing innovative, sustainable technologies. Thank you!

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