ARTi Interns Summer 2019

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ARTi Interns Summer 2019


By Justin Beck and Bernardo del Campo with Joseph Sabas, Samuel Kramer and Zubaida Al aswad

Every summer we at ARTi have the good fortune of hosting two to five interns assisting us at our facility. Although we have a long-standing relationship with neighboring Iowa State University, we welcome interns from institutions and countries from all over the world. In fact, we are pleased to receive applications for possible internships from as varied of locations, relevant skills sets and backgrounds as possible. During the summer months of 2019, we once again had this privilege. . This year’s interns were chosen from the engineering departments at Iowa State University. As ARTi is unconventional as far as start-ups go interns have the chance to leap right into a number of different challenging areas. The interns had the chance to work in our technical shop as well as in a wide range of office activities. All of it in support of ARTi’s efforts in renewable technologies and environmental projects. From working on the computer to then jumping out to check our machinery, from attending conferences to preparing marketing materials and grant work there is always plenty to do. They had the chance for hands-on work assembling ARTi’s biochar grinder machinery which reduces the char to very fine particles along with ARTi’s other technologies for converting biomass to biochar. Overall, the interns for the 2019 summer session did an excellent job. ARTi is always grateful to offer young talented people the chance to show their skills outside of the ordinary, hierarchical corporate world. Their assistance was greatly appreciated and two them were able to offer us short descriptions of their time and experience with ARTi.

Joseph Sabas, Engineering, Nanotechnology, Microbiology, Iowa State University

“As an engineering intern at ARTi, I picked up hands-on experience in the field of bio-based products, mechanical engineering, and manufacturing. I was able to use what I had learned in class to better the company in areas such as product marketing, research and development of new and innovative ideas, and safety implementation. I was immersed in a group of honest and hard workers, which encouraged me to put my best foot forward to help enhance the performance and efficiency of the company. Being a small company in its current state, I felt like I had a voice to create productive change within the walls of ARTi, thus creating a positive summer internship experience.”

Samuel Kramer, Chemical Engineering, Iowa State University

“Working at ARTi challenged me and furthered my growth as a Chemical Engineering student. This internship gave me the chance to develop my practical engineering abilities much more than what I would have considered possible in three fast-paced months. The work wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t clean, but after it was all said and done the accomplishment I felt was enormous. I’m grateful for the opportunity that I had last summer at ARTi, and more than that I’m happy I could work with such a colorful cast of characters.”

Zubaida Al aswad, Industrial engineering, Iowa State University

“The internship was a great opportunity for me to develop my engineering skills. I learned about pyrolysis systems and the production of bio-based products. I had the chance to work with welders and observe the welding techniques that I learned in my manufacturing classes. I also implemented lean management principles and Six Sigma tools I learned in my major, including continuous improvement, identifying value, 5S and 5 Why’s. I am grateful that I got to work at ARTi, the company taught me so much about the bio-renewables industry”.

In addition to Joseph, Samuel and Zubaida Al aswad we also were assisted by Anas Yaseen (Mechanical Engineering, Iowa State University) and Denver Robak (BioSystems Engineering Student, Iowa State University).

ARTi continually welcomes new applications for internships from students and technically or environmentally minded team members. It is a great chance for skill building and a learning experience for everyone including us at ARTi. We also encourage our interns to keep in touch after the internship is finished to let us know what they are up to and to leave open the chance for any future collaborations and exchanges in knowledge or experiences.










Interns Denver, Samuel, and Nate working on an ARTi biochar grinder










From left to right: Joe Sabas and Samuel Kramer on site at ARTi.

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