ARTi Biochar products listed as Biobased and for Organic Use, USDA and OMRI certification

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ARTi Biochar products listed as Biobased and for Organic Use, USDA and OMRI certification

We meet the standards required for two of the best certifications available for planet-friendly green products.



In 2022, ARTi successfully obtained two certifications of our biochar products. The first as being biobased by the USDA. The second is listed for organic use by OMRI. But what does biobased and listed for organic use mean and who is OMRI? 

USDA Biobased Certification Label

ARTi’s biochar is certified by the US Department of Agriculture as biobased. According to the USDA, plants and other renewable agricultural, marine, and forestry materials can be used to produce biobased goods. The certification comes from the USDA’s BioPreferred program launched in 2002 from a farm bill of that year. Since then, more than 2,500 products have earned this certification. When you buy ARTi’s Certified 100% Biobased biochar you will know that the product contains a USDA-verified number of renewable materials. Biobased products are meant to provide an alternative to petroleum-based products and make use of renewable resources. 

Factsheet on USDA BioPreferred Program: Link

So when you buy ARTi biochar you know it has been made from renewable, biological materials. ARTi biochar is made from plant matter.

This exclusive certification is a necessary guarantee for our clients, because it assures the natural origin of the products with all the benefits that we know are involved.

OMRI List for Organic Use 

The Organic Materials Review Institute, (OMRI) approved ARTi biochar for organic use. OMRI is an influential  nonprofit organization that conducts unbiased reviews of goods. They follow strict review standards for products intended for use in certified organic cultivation and processing, including fertilizers, pesticides, animal health care products, and many other inputs. Companies that apply for the organization’s certification will have their goods evaluated by OMRI in accordance with the organic requirements. 

Products with OMRIs’ certification can be used as martials on other end-products that will be stated as being organic. ‘Organic’ means that the product was made without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.

OMRI’s website: Link

When you buy ARTi biochar and use it for creating another product, you can be sure that the ARTi material added to your product or process will help you certify your own product as organic. If you use ARTi biochar on its own in your garden as a customer, you will know you are using a 100% organic product. 

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ARTi biochar, biobased and organic! Top-quality, healthy, non-toxic and planet-friendly! 

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