ARTi Awarded the Bio360 SILVER Prize in the Innovation Competition at the Bio360 Expo in Nantes, France

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ARTi attended the Bio360 Expo in Nantes, France in February 2023. The Bio360 Expo is an “International meeting place for people and organizations who are engaged in and committed to accelerating the biotransition”. The biotransition, meaning moving towards ecologically sustainable practices like low-to-zero emissions and the circular economy. See the event website for information at this (link). 

The Bio360 features awards for innovation and ARTi’s pyrolysis technology is a winner. The winners of the Innovation Competition are those that show “vision” and “persistence” that work towards the changes we need. 

The way we are managing carbon is disrupting natural balance. At ARTi, we’re committed to making a real impact in the fight against climate change. Our pyrolysis technology plays a crucial role in sequestering CO2 in a scalable and permanent way. It’s time to put carbon back in the soil!  

  • Reduce GHG emissions
  • Large Scale changes
  • Cool Solutions to Cool the Planet
  • Efficient and High-quality



The award is for the companies working to bring about change and are set to be the real trend setters. That sounds like ARTi. The Bio360 Expo includes a large exhibition, an extensive schedule of international conferences, study trips, the innovation competition, and more. Our subject biochar is a featured topic.  


ARTi team accepts the Bio 360 SILVER prize for Innovation at Bio 360 in Nantes, France, February 8th, 2023.


About the ARTi story

For almost ten years, ARTi has been working on improving carbon-related technologies and processes such as pyrolysis, biochar as well as offering consultation. Our technologies can be used by farmers, horticulturists, and gardeners. Our business is producing useful goods from agricultural and forestry waste. We help gardeners, homeowners, and landscape architects incorporate sustainable practices into their operations. We develop and construct state-of-the-art pyrolysis systems. The pyrolysis process is used to create biochar, activated carbon, and “green” carbon black. Our organization’s everyday work comprises turning many types of  organic material into biochar. In this form carbon dioxide can be removed from the atmosphere. The CO2 is trapped in the biochar and therefore in the soil for centuries. 


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