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The US Biochar Initiative hosted the 2024 North American Biochar Conference in Sacramento to bring together experts, policymakers, and practitioners.

The US Biochar Initiative convened the 2024 North American Biochar Conference in Sacramento, California with the aim of bringing together thought leaders, innovators, policymakers, and practitioners from various sectors to address climate change and promote economic and ecosystem resilience. The conference offered a unique opportunity to network with industry leaders and innovators, share insights, and find new ways to grow the biochar business. It provided a platform for networking, brand exposure, and discovering new market opportunities, allowing inspiration to expand your impact in the biochar sector.

ARTi was there as we never miss a USBI event. Continuing our attendance since 2012, we were thrilled to have a chance to showcase our technology, share our progress and knowledge and foster collaboration among fellow attendees. ARTI’s contribution highlighted the importance of technological innovation in biochar production, as it can help mitigate climate change, improve soil health, and promote sustainable development.

From left to right: ARTi’s Peter Hutchison, Bernardo del Campo and Mercedes del Campo

The conference’s theme, “Climate Action with Biochar for Economic and Ecosystem Resilience,” emphasizes the importance of biochar in waste management, carbon sequestration, and sustainable practices. The conference sought to provide an inclusive platform for education, cooperation, and progress in the biochar industry. The event comprised 4 days of networking with over 700 attendees from the biochar community and provided valuable insights into the industry’s current landscape with high-level courses in all areas.

The Goods at ARTi’s USBI 2024 booth

ARTi President Bernardo del Campo gave a talk “A Decade of Driving Climate and Carbon Solutions “on the challenges faced, lessons learned, and achievements made by ARTi over the past decade highlighting how ARTi’s expertise and 10 years of experience have positioned us as a trusted partner in the fight against climate change.

ARTi President Bernardo del Campo gave a talk “A Decade of Driving Climate and Carbon Solutions”

Additionally, ARTi’s Head of Marketing Mercedes del Campo took part in the session “Women are Shaping the Future of the Biochar Industry – Leading the way across all sectors of the industry”.  The discussion emphasized the noteworthy contributions made by women to the biochar sector, highlighting their support, leadership, and inventiveness as catalysts for positive change that have paved the way for a diverse and sustainable biochar sector.

 USBI 2024 Session “Women are Shaping the Future of the Biochar Industry”

It was an incredible opportunity to witness the convergence of expertise from across North America and beyond. Participants engaged in lively discussions, forged collaborations, and gained valuable insights that will undoubtedly shape the future of biochar production, characterization, and application. The USBI Conference in Minnesota in September 2025 will continue pushing biochar boundaries. We look forward to seeing you in Minnesota for the next USBI Conference in September 2025!

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