ARTi celebrates 10 years!

With the purpose of continuing to contribute to the fight against climate change and as a way of thanking people who have been important in this journey, we have created a Digital Forest of CO3s in their honor.

Each CO3 represents the production and donation of the biochar necessary to offset the CO2 captured by a tree over the course of 1 year to local farmers and non-profit organizations, so that besides sequestering CO2, we are helping to restore soils. In this way, we continue to create COOL SOLUTIONS to COOL THE PLANET.

This digital forest sequestered X lbs of CO2, the same as X trees in 1 year.

According to the USDA, a mature tree sequesters 48 pounds of CO2 per year.

Plants converts carbon dioxide into Organic Carbon through Photosynthesis. When it dies, it burns or decomposes and releases the carbon back to the atmosphere as CO2.
Through pyrolysis we transform this biomass into Biochar, a stable skeleton of carbon that doesn’t decompose and locks the carbon for centuries or even millennia

A CO3 represents 20 gallons of ARTi Biochar that were donated with the purpose of helping both reduce CO2 emissions + restore soils.

CO3 planted
lbs of Biochar donated